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About Fresnel Screen

  • Q The Difference Between Fresnel Optical Projection Screen and Other Projection Screen


    1. The difference between ambient light and light interferenceOptical screens are resistant to ambient light interference. Ordinary screens cannot resist ambient light interference.
    Laser TV is different from television, laser TV is diffuse imaging, in the case of ambient light interference, the effect will be much worse. At this point, optical screens can play a role in improving the picture effect of laser TV under light interference.
    2. Improve the contrast of the display screen

    The biggest role of the optical screen is to improve the contrast of the picture rather than the brightness. In terms of the imaging effect of ordinary curtains, due to their low price, it is often difficult to achieve flatness. A curtain with poor flatness cannot have good imaging. In many cases, the reflection is uneven, one side is bright, and the other is dark. In the case of laser TV, the damage to the eyes caused by the use of this kind of curtain is relatively obvious. The hard screen structure of the Fresnel anti-glare screen can improve the contrast of the picture through various optical structures under the premise of being flat.

    3. Differences in screen effects
    According to different principles, optical screens use physical structures to achieve anti-light effects, and some use optical coatings to achieve anti-light effects. But no matter which method, its essence is to overcome the interference of ambient light on the picture, and to refract the projected light more into the user's eyes. Ordinary network screen or white plastic screen, because the main purpose is to control the cost of the projection screen, without taking into account the user's feelings, the motor basically uses a motor with high noise and low power, such a motor is not only easy to burn out, And there is a fire hazard.
    The Fresnel ALR screen has the passive characteristics of no electricity, and completely improves the display effect through 8 layers of optical structures with different functions, and protects the eyes safely.

    Extended information:
    Ordinary cheap projection screen packaging will also save costs, so only cheap cartons can be used, mainly relying on volume to survive. According to data, up to 70% of cheap and inferior projection screens are crushed during transportation. Due to the cost factor, the material selection of this screen does not consider the health of the user at all. The product has a very irritating odor and does not have any environmental protection certification. This irresponsible product should be eliminated from the market as soon as possible.

  • Q Why Fresnel ALR Screen?

    A Paired with our Fresnel ALR screen can obviously improve your viewing experience of a UST laser projector. Its Fresnel lens structure and 8 Layers Optical Structure filters enhances brightness and contrast while countering the washout effect of ambient light. It is perfect for living room in bright light environment.
  • Q What are the advantages of Fscreen ALR Fresnel Screen compared to other manufacturers?

    A The gain and contrast of the screen is a seesaw, high gain brings low contrast. Fscreen Ambient Light Rejection Fresnel Screen equipped with High contrast fresnel version material to maintain high gain without sacrificing contrast which enables to provide contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens.

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