Fscreen provides optical design, mold, processing and other services in Fresnel lens technology. We are the only manufacturer with the largest size, the highest precision and the best quality in China.

Main Products

Fscreen provides the best Fresnel ALR Projection Screen and Extra-Large Fresnel Lens customization service.

Fresnel ALR UST Projection Screen

Fresnel ALR Long Throw Projection Screen

Extra-large Fresnel Lens Customize

Customer Case

Fscreen customizes different product forms to meet the diverse needs.
  • Fresnel ALR UST
    Projection Screen
    Enjoy the deep Immersion visual  even under daylight

  • Fresnel ALR LT
    Projection Screen
    Get ready to elevate your
    home theater entertainment.
  • Ex-Large Fresnel Lens
    Extra-large Fresnel Lens

About Fscreen

Founded in 1999, Fscreen is a professional projection display company with core patent and independent technology,which involving product design, mold development, production and manufacturing of the whole industry chain.Since its establishment, Fscreen has always focused on the optical technology R&D and industrialization. Until now, it has owned a number of technical products related to the optical field, such as UST Fresnel laser TV optical screen,LT Fresnel projection optical screen.
Specialized in the optical
106 applied patents,54 invention patents
8 national standards,
25 professional standards
2 provincial R&D platforms ,3 production & research laboratories


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What is an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen?

Choosing the right projection screen is the first step to getting the most enjoyment from your home entertainment system. Even basic entry-level projectors require a flat surface to produce the best images. This article will explain different ambient light rejecting screens.

120大尺寸VS 65寸平板电视2.jpg
100~120 Inch, Laser TV Or Traditional TV?

This article delves into the choice between laser TVs and traditional TVs for 100 to 120-inch home cinema displays, spotlighting Fscreen's Fresnel ALR screen optimized for laser TV use. It outlines the benefits of laser TVs, including their use of ultra-short throw (UST) technology and the advantages of pairing them with Fscreen's ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens for enhanced image quality in various lighting conditions. The piece contrasts these modern setups with conventional TVs, highlighting the superior space efficiency, vivid image projection, and cost benefits of the laser TV and Fscreen combination. Aimed at home theater enthusiasts, the article presents a compelling case for choosing laser TV with Fscreen's technology for an unmatched viewing experience in large-format home entertainment.

Should Laser TV Needs 4K/8K High-resolution Fresnel Projection Screen?

Looking for an enhanced large screen projection experience? High-resolution optical screens are pivotal for achieving superior picture quality. FSCREEN, a leader in the optical projection screen industry, emphasizes the importance of three core metrics: clarity, brightness gain, and picture contrast, for an outstanding visual display. With a recommended optical screen gain between 1 and 2, FSCREEN guides consumers towards making informed decisions about resolution and contrast to secure high-quality imagery. The article explores the significance of resolution, illustrating that a higher resolution results in better image clarity. It highlights the necessity of a true 4K-capable optical screen in conjunction with a 4K projector and content for an authentic 4K projection. FSCREEN's advancement in optical screen technology, including the development of a Fresnel optical screen that supports 8K resolution and a 120-inch ultra-large format, showcases their commitment to pushing the boundar

FSCREEN Take You on A Tour of CES 2024.120 Inch 8K Fresnel ALR Foldable UST Projection Screen

The world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, CES2024, is in full swing in Las Vegas, USA. It is understood that this year's CES exhibition has more than 4,000 exhibitors, facing more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world, presenting us with the latest and most dazzling scientific and


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