Fresnel Optical ALR Projection Screen 
for Tri-Chrome Ultra Short Throw Laser Projectors
Up to 120 Inch
Fscreen provides optical design, mold, processing and other services in Fresnel lens technology. We are the only manufacturer with the largest size, the highest precision and the best quality in China.

Main Products

FSCREEN provides the best Fresnel ALR projection screens adn extra-large fresnel lens customization service.

Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen for Ultra-Short Throw Projector

Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen for Standard/Long Throw Projector

Extra-large Fresnel Lens Customization Service

Customer Case

FSCREEN customizes different product forms to meet the diverse needs of our customers-Flat Panel,Fixed Frame, Magnetic Rollable
  • Fresnel ALR UST
    Projection Screen
    Optimized for UST Projector
    Laser TV Screen
    High Gain,High Contrast
  • Fresnel ALR LT
    Projection Screen
    Suitable for any brands of
    standard/long throw ratio
  • Extra-Large
    Fresnel Lens
    Extra-large Fresnel Lens

About Fscreen

Founded in 1999, Fscreen is a professional projection display company with core patent and independent technology,which involving product design, mold development, production and manufacturing of the whole industry chain.Since its establishment, Fscreen has always focused on the optical technology R&D and industrialization. Until now, it has owned a number of technical products related to the optical field, such as UST Fresnel laser TV optical screen,LT Fresnel projection optical screen.
Specialized in the optical
106 applied patents,54 invention patents
8 national standards,
25 professional standards
2 provincial R&D platforms ,3 production & research laboratories


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The Principle and Advantages of Fresnel ALR Projection Screen

Fresnel ALR projection screen is a high-performance projection screen specially designed for ultra-short-focus projectors. It can effectively resist the interference of ambient light, improve the clarity and contrast of the picture, and bring users a shocking visual experience. This article will introduce the characteristics and advantages of Fresnel anti-light projection screen from the aspects of principle, difference from other traditional projection screens, application scenarios, color reproduction, contrast, etc.

Fscreen Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen - Make Your Projection Clearer and More Realistic!

The Fscreen Fresnel ALR Projection Screen adopts advanced optical design technology, which gives it extremely high ambient light rejection capabilities. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, even under strong lighting, the projection effect can remain clear and realistic, allowing you to achieve the ul




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