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Fscreen is a leading projection display company that was founded in 1999 with core patents and independent technology. It covers the whole industry chain from product design and mold development to production and manufacturing. Fscreen specializes in optical technology R&D and industrialization, and has developed a range of optical products, such as UST(Ultra Short Throw) Fresnel laser TV optical screen, Long Throw  Fresnel projection optical screen, optical functional film, ultra precision roller mold processing and extra-large size Fresnel lens customization. These products are widely used in various fields, such as scientific research, commercial (cinema, exhibition, virtual simulation, education, etc.), and household.
Founded in 1999, Chengdu Fscreen Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fscreen) has consistently pursued an exceptional projection experience and has now emerged as a global leader in Fresnel projection screen manufacturing. Fscreen has remained at the forefront of industry innovation, amassing a wealth of expertise in core patent technologies and independent research and development.
Fscreen deeply understands the diverse demands of various scenarios for projection. Whether it’s for home theaters, business presentations, or scientific exploration, Fscreen’s optical products are tailor-made to provide the optimal solutions. Imagine immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring world of ultra-short throw Fresnel laser TV screens in the comfort of your home, or showcasing the outstanding image quality of mid-to-long throw Fresnel projection screens in a commercial presentation. This is the unique allure of Fscreen.
Fscreen’s Fresnel projection screens are the perfect companions for laser TVs. Their distinctive optical design focuses and precisely reflects light to deliver brighter and clearer images. Even in limited spaces, they offer a visually expansive experience with oversized dimensions. As the ideal choice for laser TVs, Fscreen’s Fresnel projection screens promise an unprecedented viewing experience.
Moreover, Fscreen has established an optical and electronic industry park in Chengdu Hi-tech West Zone, with an annual production capacity of millions of Fresnel projection screens and an advanced platform for manufacturing oversized, ultra-precision screens. Fscreen works closely with leading brands in the laser TV industry such as Hisense, Formovie, XGIMI, Epson, etc., and has become the main screen supplier of major laser TV brands.
By choosing Fscreen, you're not just selecting a product; you're opening the door to the future of projection and embracing a world of limitless visual possibilities.
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Fscreen has become the China main UST Laser TV brand screen supporting manufacturers

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