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About UST Screen

  • Q Is it a Must Buy of the ALR screen for UST projection?

    A You can project onto a flat wall or commen matte white screen. However, we strongly suggest you to use an ultra short throw ambient light rejection screen to maximize your viewing experience. You will have a 80% image quality improvement, and never worried of the overhead ambient light impact.
  • Q What is the best projection screen option for a ultra/short-throw projector?

    A Ultra/Short-throw projectors require a flat projection surface since the projector’s light is closer to the material.  Non-tensioned screen materials may exhibit minor wave or curls which may be more pronounced if using an ultra/short-throw projector.   We recommend using a Fixed Frame Screen which will provide adequate tension throughout the entire projection surface. Aluminum alloy frame make the soft fabric surface flexible and flat.Easy Maintenance, Stable and Durable
  • Q Why does the screen display abnormally and very dark?

    A NOTICE: The screen has a difference in the up and down direction, read the install guidance carefully before and confirm the screen is installed in the correct direction.

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