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100~120 Inch, Laser TV Or Traditional TV?

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In the realm of home entertainment, the quest for larger, more immersive viewing experiences has led to a significant evolution in display technology. For those looking to elevate their home cinema setup with screens ranging from 100 to 120 inches, the choice often boils down to laser TVs and traditional TVs. Each option offers unique benefits, but recent advancements in ultra-short throw (UST) technology and ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens, especially the Fscreen's Fresnel ALR screen designed for laser TV, are changing the game. This article will delve into the comparison and explain why an Fscreen-equipped laser TV might be the superior choice for your ultra-large display needs.

Understanding Laser TV and Traditional TV Technologies

Laser TV: A laser TV uses laser beams to project images onto a screen. Unlike traditional projectors, laser TVs are often equipped with UST technology, allowing them to be placed just inches away from the display surface. This not only saves space but also reduces shadows and glare. Laser TVs are known for their vibrant colors, deep blacks, and energy efficiency.

Traditional TV: Traditional TVs, including LED, OLED, and QLED variants, are self-contained units that use different technologies to produce images directly on their screens. They offer high brightness and color accuracy, straightforward setup, and in the case of OLED TVs, exceptional contrast ratios with true blacks.

The Game-Changer: Fscreen Aura Series Fresnel UST ALR Screen for Laser TV

Laser TV

When it comes to large displays, the environment plays a crucial role in your viewing experience. Ambient light can wash out images, making them appear faded or lacking in contrast. This is where the Fscreen’s Fresnel ALR screen makes a monumental difference for laser TVs.

Fresnel ALR Technology: Fscreen's screen utilizes a Fresnel structure to precisely direct light from the projector towards the viewing area while rejecting ambient light from other sources. This results in significantly brighter and more vibrant images, even in well-lit rooms.

Designed for Laser TV: The Fscreen is specially engineered to complement UST laser projectors. Its ultra-short throw capabilities mean you can place your laser TV mere inches from the screen, making it a perfect fit for any living space without the need for ceiling mounts or dedicated projector rooms.

Why Choose Fscreen with Laser TV?


  1. Superior Brightness and Contrast in Ambient Light: The combination of a laser TV with the Fscreen’s ALR technology offers an unparalleled viewing experience, even during the day or in brightly lit rooms.
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  2. Space Efficiency: The ultra-short throw design allows for a minimal footprint, making it ideal for modern, space-conscious homes.

  3. Larger-than-Life Displays: With Fscreen, you can achieve crisp, clear images on screens up to 120 inches, turning your living room into a personal IMAX theatre.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: While large traditional TVs can be prohibitively expensive, the combination of a laser TV with an Fscreen Fresnel ALR screen offers a competitive price point for similarly sized displays.


The decision between laser TV and traditional TV ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific use cases. However, for those seeking the ultimate home cinema experience with screens between 100 and 120 inches, the combination of a laser TV and Fscreen’s ultra-short throw Fresnel ALR screen is hard to beat. This setup not only offers superior image quality in ambient lighting conditions but also provides flexibility and efficiency in installation and use, making it an increasingly popular choice among home theater enthusiasts. As display technology continues to advance, embracing innovative solutions like the Fscreen-equipped laser TV is a forward-thinking choice for premium home entertainment.

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