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Should Laser TV Needs 4K/8K High-resolution Fresnel Projection Screen?

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Projection has become the mainstream choice for the new generation of living room centerpiece large screens, with the silky-smooth enjoyment of a hundred-inch big screen at the push of a button, deeply mesmerizing many. However, when it comes to selecting a projection screen, many friends find themselves perplexed by the complex and difficult-to-understand standards.

FSCREEN, a leader in the optical projection screen industry,  shares that focusing on three core indicators - clarity, brightness gain, and picture contrast - can effortlessly produce a splendid display!We've discussed brightness gain before, where a gain value does not need to be too high; FSCREEN suggests an optical projection screen gain of between 1 and 2. Once gain is satisfactory, it's time to focus on resolution and picture contrast to truly achieve high-quality imagery.


Let's talk about resolution today. It's well known that high resolution means better picture quality and higher image clarity. But how is this clarity measured, and is there a standard for evaluation? Simply put, resolution is a numerical value used to evaluate image clarity. Initially used in the television industry, it describes how many pixels can exist on a display device. The more pixels an image is composed of, the smaller and more delicate each pixel is, resulting in a clearer picture.


For example, the common 2K resolution requires an image composed of "1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically"; while 4K resolution requires "3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically". With both displays being the same size, the pixel size in both directions for 4K is halved, meaning each pixel area is reduced to 1/4, allowing for richer picture details, making the 4K image four times clearer than 2K!

When it comes to projection display resolution, the situation differs: Projection is a composite system that requires both a projector and an optical screen. Merely having a 4K projector and 4K content does not guarantee a true 4K projection image; a true 4K-capable optical screen is also necessary! Many ordinary screens claim to support 4K and 8K, promising cinema-quality imagery, but is that really the case? Just as a broadaxe cannot do the work of an embroidery needle, the rough imaging surface of ordinary screens cannot support 4K resolution.

Ordinary screens or large white walls may seem smooth, but they often have many granular textures. Once these interfering factors accumulate on the image, they disrupt the projection, making the image blurry and preventing you from seeing the true 4K picture.

So, how can one enjoy an authentic 4K image? This is where FSCREEN's Fresnel optical screens come in! As early as 2012, when 2K films were not yet widespread, FSCREEN had already decided to focus on 4K and look forward to 8K displays: we introduced the most advanced nanoscale ultra-precision machining equipment internationally to engrave fine structural lines on optical screens. To this day, FSCREEN remains a leader in optical microstructure machining precision in China.


In 2015, the first completely domestically produced Fresnel optical screen was born at FSCREEN. The Aura Series Laser TV screen, with various micro-optical structures and Fresnel microlens pattern lines exceeding 10,000, fully supports 4K display.


By 2021, FSCREEN's Fresnel optical screen technology made another breakthrough, with a significant increase in optical structure integration. The 8K Fresnel optical screen that surpasses the current projection image quality precision officially hit the market. Its optical structure can fully resolve the 7680*3420 pixels required for 8K images, and supports a 120-inch ultra-large format!

Currently, companies like Hisense and FSCREEN, representing leaders in the projection display industry, are promoting the widespread adoption of 8K displays and 8K content. Want to enjoy true 8K large screen projection in the near future? Choose FSCREEN's 8K Fresnel optical screen!

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