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  • 2024-04-23

    What is an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen?
    Choosing the right projection screen is the first step to getting the most enjoyment from your home entertainment system. Even basic entry-level projectors require a flat surface to produce the best images. This article will explain different ambient light rejecting screens.
  • 2024-03-27

    Should Laser TV Needs 4K/8K High-resolution Fresnel Projection Screen?
    Looking for an enhanced large screen projection experience? High-resolution optical screens are pivotal for achieving superior picture quality. FSCREEN, a leader in the optical projection screen industry, emphasizes the importance of three core metrics: clarity, brightness gain, and picture contrast, for an outstanding visual display. With a recommended optical screen gain between 1 and 2, FSCREEN guides consumers towards making informed decisions about resolution and contrast to secure high-quality imagery. The article explores the significance of resolution, illustrating that a higher resolution results in better image clarity. It highlights the necessity of a true 4K-capable optical screen in conjunction with a 4K projector and content for an authentic 4K projection. FSCREEN's advancement in optical screen technology, including the development of a Fresnel optical screen that supports 8K resolution and a 120-inch ultra-large format, showcases their commitment to pushing the boundar
  • 2023-08-17

    The Reason for Choosing The Fresnel ALR Projection Screen as the Best Choice for Laser TVs
    The Reason for Choosing The Fresnel ALR Projection Screen as the Best Choice for Laser TVsIn recent years, the world of home entertainment has witnessed a significant shift towards larger screens and immersive viewing experiences. One of the notable innovations in this domain is the rise of Laser TV
  • 2023-06-05

    The Principle and Advantages of Fresnel ALR Projection Screen
    Fresnel ALR projection screen is a high-performance projection screen specially designed for ultra-short-focus projectors. It can effectively resist the interference of ambient light, improve the clarity and contrast of the picture, and bring users a shocking visual experience. This article will introduce the characteristics and advantages of Fresnel anti-light projection screen from the aspects of principle, difference from other traditional projection screens, application scenarios, color reproduction, contrast, etc.
  • 2023-04-17

    Fscreen Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen - Make Your Projection Clearer and More Realistic!
    The Fscreen Fresnel ALR Projection Screen adopts advanced optical design technology, which gives it extremely high ambient light rejection capabilities. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, even under strong lighting, the projection effect can remain clear and realistic, allowing you to achieve the ul
  • 2023-04-14

    Fscreen International innovative Fresnel lens technology - Surpassing size limitations.
    At the 2018 Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair, Fscreen exhibited a Fresnel Lens with a diameter of 4 meters. The Fresnel Lens consists of 19 lenses and every Lens contains 13,333 circular optical bands, and the machining accuracy is nanoscale!Fresnel lens is a flat plate, which simulates a 4-meter reflector par

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