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FSCREEN Take You on A Tour of CES 2024.120 Inch 8K Fresnel ALR Foldable UST Projection Screen

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The world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, CES2024, is in full swing in Las Vegas, USA. It is understood that this year's CES exhibition has more than 4,000 exhibitors, facing more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world, presenting us with the latest and most dazzling scientific and technological achievements.


   120-inch Tri-Chroma Fresnel ALR Foldable Projection Screen Unveiled at CES 2024

As we all know, projection displays have huge natural advantages when it comes to presenting large-format scenes, and can easily present areas that are currently difficult to reach with traditional LCD displays. When a large 4K or even 8K ultra-clear picture, with a cinema-level size of more than 100 inches, slowly unfolds before our eyes, the immersive visual shock will make us amazed. However, our yearning for ultra-high-definition large screens often has to compromise with the size restrictions of residential elevators and foyer sizes. Extra large TVs over 100 inches often face the embarrassment of being unable to get in or install.


This product is the masterpiece of the Fscreen in 2024. It is based on the OMNIS4.0 optical technology platform and is another interpretation of our "projection sceneization".


Meet with -Toby -Severtson Screens

Most of the installation components have been pre-assembled. You only need to simply connect the various parts, and a 120-inch Fresnel large screen will pop out, and you can start enjoying large-screen movies! This latest tension structure can make the screen flatness reach 1/1000 mirror-level standard, and the entire installation and debugging time does not exceed half an hour, making it easy to enjoy large-screen projection!


Meet with Brian -Projectorscreen.com

Its flexible and rollable Fresnel screen adopts Fscreen's self-developed OMNIS 4.0 optical technology platform, which brings us a full range of visual enjoyment: the overall light efficiency of the projection system is increased by 30%, making the picture effect as bright as possible. , bright room contrast, and balanced improvement in color perception, intelligently regulating the brightness of the picture in a comfortable soft light range, and highly compatible with the latest three-color light source projection technology, allowing every touch of color to bloom!


Meet with Stratigic Partner -Hisense

This year's CES exhibition gave us deep feelings. Chinese display companies are leading the world. At CES 2024, well-known brands such as Hisense, Changhong, TCL, Skyworth, etc. have released new generation products to bring consumers solutions that are deeply integrated with the scene.


Meeting the Future of Projection: CES 2024 Exhibition Experience.
We invite you to visit us at booth 50049 Venetian Expo.
Come and personally experience our cutting-edge projector screens .

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