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Fscreen-24 Years of Fresnel Optical Screen Revolution

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Today marks Fscreen’s 24th anniversary of working in the field of fresnel optical display.
We started from a workshop in the suburbs of Chengdu, where they made the first “Made in China” giant projection screen 24 years ago. Today, our brand “Fscreen” is well-known among projection fans, and their Fresnel screens are the “standard configuration” for millions of homes around the world.
We have been pursuing entrepreneurship, innovation, and creation. From 1999 to 2023, we have explored the light and shadow, and followed our dreams.


The First Screen: The Quality Revolution of Large-Screen Projection has become an essential display terminal in the smart home experience. It offers a larger and more comfortable picture, and creates a sound and image space that can be enjoyed at will. The flowing light and shadow carry our infinite longing for the future life. Fscreen uses Fresnel optical screens to make the aspirations come true. We provide pure images that are not disturbed by any interference at any time, rich and delicate color expression, accurate and soft viewing field, and more. Fscreen created the first domestic Fresnel screen . This is also the proof of their relentless pursuit: “The First Screen”, “FSCREEN”. 


Fscreen’s creation journey began with a destiny encounter. In 1999, the brand founder Mr. Zhang Yimin discovered some “special materials” at a foreign exhibition. They were some ultra-precision Fresnel lenses. The manufacturing technology of this field was completely monopolized by foreign countries. It could not be produced in China, and the price of finished products was extremely high. So, Fscreen was founded. We developed our own optical technology, focused on precision manufacturing, and let the world see the Chinese creation.

Fscreen never stopped creating since then. We achieved larger size, higher quality, richer scenes, and wider applications. Our products solved the urgent need of high-quality projection screens in China. We made the screens that used to sell for tens of thousands of yuan, to the popular level of thousands of yuan. We reached thousands of households. We developed our own optical technology, from catching up with foreign countries to overtaking them. Now Fscreen leads the advanced level of projection screens. Fscreen Fresnel optical screens make projection a consumer trend, and receive more and more love and attention.

In 2022, Fscreen launched the OMNIS 4.0 optical technology platform. It is fully compatible with three-color light source projection products. Its display performance surpassed the industry predecessor DNP, and reached the international leading level. 


Fscreen keeps exploring and creating, and expands the imagination space of projection display. We were the first to achieve 8K UHD resolution picture quality on the screen. They achieved full coverage of home display sizes from 60 inches to 120 inches. Their products are fully compatible with all focal lengths and light source schemes of the market projectors. They developed more suitable applications for the real scene of Chinese families. Now, the extra-large Fresnel projection screen of 135-150 inches is in the layout. It will bring us new excitement and shock.


For 24 years, Fscreen has been rooted in the industry front line. We witnessed, we participated, they made the domestic Fresnel screen from scratch, from something to excellence, and then to a benchmark, leading the trend.

In 1999, we made the first domestic rear projection optical screen. It solved the shortage of high-quality projection terminals in China.
In 2012, we released the core manufacturing scheme of Fresnel screen, which won the China Patent Silver Award.
In 2015, we made the first 100-inch Fresnel screen entirely in China. It promoted the rapid growth of the projection industry.
In 2020, we broke the inherent technical limitations. We developed the Fresnel screen suitable for long-focus projectors. It allowed more friends to feel the beauty of projection. 

Today, Fscreen is building a new phase of optoelectronic industry base. It provides a huge production capacity of 3 million pieces.
More, better, and richer products are coming. We will follow the era of projection popularization, enter millions of households, and add glory to Chinese manufacturing.


Fscreen has been walking with light for 24 years. We never forget our original intention of entrepreneurship.
We will continue to create more beauty for projection enthusiasts.Let us look forward to the infinite possibilities of projection display!

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