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Fscreen Fresnel Optical Projection Screen Shines on CCTV's China News.

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According to statistics, nearly half of the high-end flexible displays in the global display industry are “made in Chengdu”, and Chengdu has become an important new display industry base in the world.


Laser projection, which achieves ultra-high-definition display, uses Fresnel optical screens, a kind of high-end optical-grade projection screen, as the key core component. As the leader of Fresnel optical screens, Fscreen Technology, with persistence and dedication, helps Chengdu build a city of science and innovation, and promotes the efforts of Chinese manufacturing.


On November 5, 2023, CCTV4 Chinese International Channel “Global Today” and “China News” columns launched “New Quality Productivity Frontline Survey Chengdu, Sichuan: ‘City of Science and Innovation’ Shines City Business Card”, through on-site interviews with Fscreen Technology, a company in Chengdu High-tech Zone, to show the endogenous driving force of high-quality development of laser display.


Wu Qingfu, co-founder and vice president of Chengdu Fscreen Technology Co., Ltd., introduced: “A laser display optical screen is only 0.5 mm thick, but it integrates eight different functional layers. Among them, the Fresnel lens is a core technology of the laser display optical screen, and the research difficulty is also the greatest. In this park, the production capacity has reached 200,000 pieces, and 160,000 pieces were shipped last year. After the second phase of the manufacturing base is completed, the production capacity will reach 2 million pieces.”


The development of laser projection display has not only matured the industry technology, but also the people’s life concept. At 8 pm on November 4, CCTV News and Hisense Electric jointly broadcast live, exploring the art of life.

The transformation from meeting demand to leading demand is inevitable for "high-quality" development.

As the first emerging display technology led by Chinese enterprises, laser display is accelerating its global presence.

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