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The Reason for Choosing The Fresnel ALR Projection Screen as the Best Choice for Laser TVs

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The Reason for Choosing The Fresnel ALR Projection Screen as the Best Choice for Laser TVs

In recent years, the world of home entertainment has witnessed a significant shift towards larger screens and immersive viewing experiences. One of the notable innovations in this domain is the rise of Laser TVs, which combine the best of traditional television and projector technologies. A crucial component that complements the performance of Laser TVs is the Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) projection screen. Among various ALR options, the Fresnel ALR projection screen stands out as the prime choice for maximizing the potential of your Laser TV setup.

Understanding Laser TVs and ALR Screens

Laser TVs, powered by laser light source technology, offer numerous advantages over conventional LED and OLED TVs. They deliver exceptional brightness, wide color gamuts, and impressive contrast ratios, making them ideal for creating a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your home. However, the effectiveness of a Laser TV can be hindered by ambient light in the viewing environment, which can result in decreased image quality and color accuracy.

This is where Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screens come into play. ALR screens are designed to mitigate the negative impact of ambient light, ensuring that the projected image remains sharp, vibrant, and true to life even in well-lit rooms. These screens work by reflecting the projected light from the laser TV while rejecting external light sources coming from various angles. This creates a focused and immersive viewing experience, similar to what you would expect in a dedicated home theater.

Advantages of Fresnel ALR Projection Screens

Regular projection screens also typically use flat screens or repeating optical structures, which contain major defects. Flat screens reflect much of the main projected light up towards the ceiling, causing diminished brightness and inadequate image quality, while screens with repeating optical structures result in brightness uniformity regions.

With Fresnel Lens Technology, the screen can absorb 85% of overhead and sides ambient light, direct the incident light towards the audience to increase image quality and contrast.

Reduced Glare and Hotspots: 

Producing uniform images is essential for any projection system. Even small differences from corner to centre and between neighbouring screens can irritate the eye,

Normal white matt diffusion screens can suffer from "hot spot" problem because they are unable to redirect the light. Because the projector is always angled away from the viewer in the corners, a "hot spot" can be observed in the centre of the screen.

Fscreen's Fresnel screen focus the light and redirect it back to the viewer. Because the light's redirection is controlled, you can expect a well uniformed image without "hot spot".

Compatibility with Ultra-Short Throw Projectors: Laser TVs often utilize ultra-short throw projectors that are placed closer to the screen. Fresnel ALR screens are engineered to work seamlessly with such projectors, ensuring that the projected image maintains its integrity and brightness.

Enhanced Aesthetics: With a sleek and modern appearance, the Fresnel ALR screen adds a touch of sophistication to your entertainment setup while delivering exceptional performance.


As the demand for larger-than-life home entertainment experiences continues to rise, Laser TVs have emerged as a compelling choice. To fully unlock their potential, pairing them with the right projection screen is paramount. Among the various Ambient Light Rejection options, the Fresnel ALR projection screen shines as the top contender. With its ability to maintain optimal light reflection, wide viewing angles, and reduced glare, the Fresnel ALR screen ensures that your Laser TV setup delivers unparalleled image quality and immersion. Embrace the future of home entertainment by choosing the Fresnel ALR projection screen and elevate your Laser TV experience to new heights.

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