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Fscreen Fresnel Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen - Make Your Projection Clearer and More Realistic!

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Product Features:

The Fscreen Fresnel ALR Projection Screen adopts advanced optical design technology, which gives it extremely high ambient light rejection capabilities. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, even under strong lighting, the projection effect can remain clear and realistic, allowing you to achieve the ultimate visual experience.


Product Advantages:

Compared to traditional white screens, the Fresnel ALR Projection Screen can still display better projection effects in complex lighting environments. At the same time, the screen has a wider viewing angle and more stable visual effects. In addition, its installation is very simple and can adapt to different occasions.

Product Application Range :

The Fresnel ALR Projection Screen is suitable for various occasions, such as home theaters, commercial displays, and education and training. Whether you are watching movies, doing business presentations, or conducting academic research, it can meet your needs and provide excellent projection effects.

Product Quality Assurance:

We have strict production and quality control for our products. All products undergo multiple tests and inspections to ensure stability, reliability, and durability. We also provide comprehensive after-sales services, giving you peace of mind when purchasing the Fresnel Anti-Glare Projection Screen.


If you want to make your projection clearer and more realistic, if you want to make your audience, customers, or students more satisfied, the Fresnel ALR Projection Screen is your best choice. We believe it will bring you unexpected surprises and effects. Come and purchase one today!

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